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I completely understand your problem your difficulty or worry your concern you seem quizzical confused concern so I welcome you to my office we will be typing up oh let me repeat that Oh 100% all of them all of your papers all of your essays we will make it the most redundant pretentious founding essays you have ever read and the professor’s won’t even get air of the fact that you never even read the books that these essays are based on so let me just start give me the first book what is the first book you need to write this essay oh my god and as I’m typing up this essay tell me is there another essay that you’ve had in the works as well like another more topical sort of ascii not necessarily on a novel but more so on a subject matter any sort of critical analysis over you know that’s sociological topic something that’s not so related to English okay let me just did he bother booth that as well we’re gonna get this done and while that’s going do you have another essay that you by chance need to be getting done writing it’s over we have to I can record to tend to be honest like what test me test me no um well this is all getting written to you by chance however not a thing that you need to get burden Wow more essays in a week what are these people’s latest my goodness it’s not even not unimportant you know something I am gonna get that all right prepare to get off be a and BS this is gonna be fabulous oh yes I assure you your professors will not know I’m sorry the keyboard was just heating up for how fast I was typing yes I type 3,000 words per minute I am literally a wizard so you’re a wizard Harry of course you do your poor sweet miserable stressed angel how could they do this to you honestly it’s so close to Christmas there’s already so much other stress coming if they want to assign a multitude of essays without even consideration that there might be other professors doing the same thing that they are to you I mean honestly take the assignments they’re signing multiply that by how many Jesus Christ know how exactly as a student supposed to keep their sin and then they have the audacity to be like oh oh you know a few you know if you’re having some medical you know break down if you’re having an anxiety attack because we’ve assigned like successes in a forum books novels to read you know a week to do it or you know build up a portfolio it’s like you know like excuse me like what’s the assignment again no don’t worry I’m writing all six of your essays right now do not worry I am not at all distracted I have six different perspectives in my mind that’s what happens when you’re a god no what was I reading about oh yes oh you’re happy like you know some mental breakdown don’t just don’t don’t don’t fear about just coming up to me and asking me about you know whatever the problem is porous and then when you go up to me like oh you’ve no this essay so really it’s rustling you bail hell out you know if I could just give up sidestep this it would definitely help my sanity by miles and they’re just like Oh funny right what’s gone oh yes like excuse me like what spying that’s a really short sentence would you mind using it in a bigger something’s like um no actually let me correct myself yes that’s a nice sentence it’s nice and full there’s many words it captures and then kind of idea so I just I just can’t I can’t abide I can’t abide the dude doesn’t abide it’s just now oh yes I’m also typing up your resume to you don’t worry we’re gonna be getting you a job as we’re writing these essays we’re getting everything done for you right now these people will have no control over here it’s honestly terrible the falsity of it all oh it is to the ant the L to the a format it is time for new roman’ because I’ll be scrolling through this I say making all these pages double-spaced oh yeah [Applause] I’m so good at writing essays I can make a beat it’s as strong as my prescription and let me tell you my prescription is strong I already finished one essay let me just submit that 100% don’t worry oh we have that’s right teachers when they smell my ass tea when they smell the work that I do they can’t help but just give it a hundred percent it’s like their eyes are just glowing after what looking at this essay they honestly look at my uh saying you turn into that one evil guy from Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark was it asked readers the Lost Ark where he ends up just melting before you know Ark so that’s what the end up like they just can’t handle it they’re like wow this is not even it can’t even numerically be graded it means we need to go into the ancient times retrieve some measurement from those times and assign it omits cuz it’s just far too much like the audacity the audacity yes we have the audacity some form or essays to go okay let me just OOP submit that uh another one hundred-percent start collecting these honestly you’re gonna have a collection of one hundred percent in your repertoire you are welcome now what was I saying oh no I can’t recall oh wait can i no I how sad it would seem like a great topic to remember was I talking I focus on the essays now it’s such a shame submit another essay don’t all the audacity I remember now the audacity with which professors have to come up to my essay this glorious piece of work ups could start a religion a religion so powerful it ends up having you know a third of the population on its side in the next five hundred years and they have to go out to a sedate essay oh let me just put a grade on this um no you mere mortal you can’t just put a grade on a masterpiece like dude the Michelangelo receive a parade on the Sistine Chapel then you get oh I’ll be a plus know it just do it on its own as a piece of art honestly just the filthy deplorable hair and say well let me just put a number and it took it is like the Prophet s Kim Kardashian said with in reference to tattoos you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Porsche or on a Bentley I think who’s you don’t do it you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley now same thing you don’t put a grade on my masterpiece of an essay two essays left god I’m on fire your resume was already done I sneezed and you got a job now mmm okay one more essay left let’s just take a moment remember the careers that these teachers once had before they quit after having a student upstage them in writing essays back to last essay or excited independent I’m gonna look what is that is that the sound of hundreds of disappointed teachers running towards my work oh you’ll never catch up to me now let’s just get this all finished before they Stampede into my office not even working I’m not even looking this is so good I am I don’t even have to spellcheck I am spellcheck and done oh is that all straight A’s I see in your report card you’re welcome

How to edit like a PROFESSIONAL-Montages-Share Factory!!

do you want to become a share factory professional editor well you came to the right place cuz me alex is going to be teaching you guys how to edit like a professional so today guys we’re gonna be going on montages if you want to do montages or a cinematic you know plays I’ll give an example right now okay so what you want to do is pick a video that you want to edit this one is going to be a GTA 5 race video so that’s gonna be fun and uh for this one touch I wanna mute it so if you want to music you press square go to clip volume and just go all the way down and what you want to do is press X and back on what you want to do is uh you wanna let it so I’m gonna sleep music at the start now what I do is you press square I know sorry press X go to add screenshot go to solid color press square settings go all the way to black and then you want to go to trim and then just go to one second so they actually have time to actually look at it and once they play it doesn’t go straight away so we’ll do that and boom right so now what I would do is this now at the start on my videos I usually put it blank for a reason so what I do is I go to add music now I downloaded music on USP non-copyright so it’s not a copyright it’s going to be you know obviously not copyright it’s not going to get a copyright claim so if you want to learn how to do this please go to another video because I was really hard to explain and I don’t have an editing software for this so therefore you have to go and look up how to do it we’re going to do this one based so what you want to do is press split press square split music and wait now what I’m going to do is this if you do copy this music it is on if you do want this music is called ever felt a pot yeah I just find that and then download it so what you want to do is go to split click Add and then what’s this yeah are you listening so wait wait when he/she says felt I’m gonna do it at I also boom split verse here go to add overlay I’m gonna pick this one I’m gonna say awesome Alex presents then you want to move a bit more forward by pressing the left hand d-pad just once then you want to transform and move it into the middle so now when it talks oh yeah are you go you see that you listening boom when the beat drops we stop the music we stop title so yeah are you listening yeah fine alright then that’s when it happens and delete that part there so now you got a little bit here and when she does that look what are you listening do you see that I’m quite cool now what I’m gonna do this this I’m gonna get it at the cinematic pop here right so then what you want to do is split up every single beat so as you wait from yeah are you listening damn boom when the beat drops you cut that beet and goat as a bit of the of the clip ah boom split is there we’re going to go we’re gonna go go I’m gonna go go boom stop there delete this part you don’t need that part delete now see the way it stops at that time right I know need to give him an example of this so you’d actually have to do a GTA 5 clip it could be anything so as you do that stop split it and go to another beer boom stop it there because there’s another peat was there I’m gonna go run about here so now it’s closed oh now what you could do is split out at that bit if you are going with this music so so boom so delete that bit snappy got speared boom delete that little bit there so now I’m legit doing every second so boom stop it there boom so now you are basically just basically split it at every single point so split go all the way to the edge that you want it to start car so start again you press that you press square clip delete any little car yeah so now if I’ve done this if I show you know are you yeah are you listening see that and then I go now I’m going to go to a funny clip probably so I’m going to go all the way here final really funny clip so you can go as far a few one though what was that so as we do that delete that bit so I could I couldn’t I don’t have to do every single beep on it ah boom stop it again combat probably cheating Joe now so just look it make you look really cool and yeah this is basically a montage step of how to do a montage but this is kind of a montage if you think about it it looks really cool it a cinematic part of it it’s really nice do that aah boom stop it again clip it are you understanding what I’m trying to do now I’ll go over here I I could if I wanted to aren’t like nearly out all my videos I’ll do an intro of a montage which is kind of cool if you like that I know what Ceaser named a guy was saying you’re editing is really good and yeah I’m kind of doing this for him as well especially so I could do this stop it here split watch now I could make it when I hit him it goes so when you do right so what I can do is you can go trim move it and get it closer of the place to make it happen trimming do that and then you can guys boom and then I could win the game or this or what I always do which is kind of funny this others so you could do this split it split the music and then stop the music there and just delete that part and alert oh and then you could look look press X delete that part press X here go to as transition which I need to do this press X add screenshot solid color do what I told you before remember boom then go all the way over here add transition got part of me and you got varieties of it which is kind of cool which we’re not doing rocket leagues before we can’t and we do this fader color so ok done then you can go to your video so yeah guys that is a foreign like a basic cinematic like you know video of a montage so if I bought yeah I’m going to be doing steps and how to do this was this I’m going to make a video of how to do funny moments and what to do and how to edit those funny moments and add some funny music into that and yeah if you want more of this please let me know guys if you do not want me to do this I will not do for you guys boys boys your and yeah take care guys peace out new law or amazing please try and follow what I’d done I’m doing this for you guys so please you know spec that and say gay guys peace oh yeah are you listening Oh

How to write a poetry essay: the basics for Key Stage 3 students…

I’m going to show you how to write a poetry essay firstly let’s consider what so også aiming to achieve you need to show you understand the poem first of all in your essay that to communicate that to the reader of the essay you should show you understand its key ideas and images and take your senses poetry that you need to think about the imagery in a poem and should show you understand the poet’s techniques this is the essay title that you’re going to have a go at writing an answer to how does hardly make the convergence of the train such an effective home let’s just discuss that was two parts of this as to how okay how does this writer manage to do this what is it in the language that makes us kind of feel this is a good poem and effective that’s the second part you know it’s a good poem you’ve got to evaluate judge it you select the bits that are really working for you and if they’re not quite working for you go back to the poem reread it get to know it well so the actually you are engaging with it so good if you don’t really understand the poem so go back to my other video and try and work out really grapple with it and really work out what’s going on the structure of essay you need to have three parts to an essay this type and this is a typical essay structure you should have an introduction you introduce the main topic a main body of the essay at least four paragraphs we explore the question in depth giving your views and then a conclusion where is some of your thoughts okay your introduction this should aim to make the reader think you have something interesting to say but not answer raised but not answer some of the key questions you have and for example you could write this but don’t copy this this is just give you an idea if you really desperate maybe you could sort of adapt this into something that’s in your own words but I would strongly advise you to come up with your own thoughts the Titanic is a fascinating topic for a poet because it’s so rich in imagery Thomas Hardy wrote one of his best poems about the tight called the convergence between in this poem it describes the ship line the bottom the ocean it’s a chilling poem but what makes it so creepy and interesting this essay explore this key issue right it’s a few things here notice I have a topic sentence at the beginning I just state you know something about the poem so you could have a go at this you know the Titanic and is a great subject for a poet or that you know so many things you could think about to write a poem up about with the Titanic and then talk a little bit about Thomas Hardy and and then perhaps address the question remember the question was how effective it was now I’ve kind of reworded the question now I’ve said you know what makes it so creepy and interesting with us basically the question you’ve been asked to do and then I’ve said I’m going to explore this in the indie essay right the main body of your essay you need to quote an analyze or P you need to have a point evidence and explanation for this I’m going to talk about this a bit more in the next slide right your main body think feel see this is the key to doing well in English and in poetry you basically for this essay you need to have six or seven key quotes in the poem that make most effective uses of language and explain why they are effective remember that’s the question isn’t it to show how you know does he make it such an effective poem and you need to explain therefore why it is effective for you so firstly you need to think about what are the images make you think and take us through and explain in clear words what what is it actually making you think about in this poem what do they make you feel what are these images these words and bits of language make you feel it’s an emotional poem and we feel lots of different feelings in this poem at different points what do they make you see and there’s loads of visual images in this poem so and why do they do this ok but quoting and using quotation mark embed the embed your quotes in there same but quoted words in quotation marks so this is an example of this perhaps of a bit of a main body of the essay again you can use some of the ideas here in your own essay but you know as you write it in your own words come up my own thoughts Hardy says that a horrible sea worm crawls over the mirrors of all the rich people and that the this that it is grotesque slime dumb indifferent silver Technium it effective image because it makes me think about the bottom of the ocean and how different it is to the Titanic the word grotesque makes me realize that the sea worm is ugly in this slimy again I didn’t put this in but you know that word slimed kind of gives you a sense of the worm actually crawling over these mirrors does men can actually feel it and in the rhythm of the word it makes me it gives me a funny feeling to think that those mirrors which once been looked into by rich people are now being fingered and by a slimy animal doesn’t care about anything human so now I’m talking about my feelings and my thoughts about this and you know it does give you a funny feeling doesn’t it this whole poem is really creepy if you think about that down in the bottom of the ocean it was someone so full of life and you think you go over again your mind don’t you how what a contrast there was between what was actually happening in the ship just a few minutes before it sank and what’s actually there now with everything lying and bottom the ocean in the most sort of ghastly and ghostly way concentrate upon a little a lot don’t worry about explaining the whole poem give an overview of it then focus upon what works for you and why so don’t just take us through line by line explain every line don’t need to do that you’ve got to answer the question so what’s effective and go into depth about that connotations this is a crucial thing you know think about the connotations of the words and the language and the associations they bring to mind and what may they make you think feel and see that’s the crucial thing here okay what your or um what you actually see in your mind when you read the poem and again if you don’t quite understand the poem you need to go back to it and really work on it and understand you know some key elements in it conclusion you sum up your points by saying what you think it’s most effective at home so for example for me it’s that the poem is most effective because it makes me think okay it has conjured a lot of feelings in me of the sort of creepiness that underneath the sea and I’ve seen it it’s visually interesting but it makes me think about fate and the way in which our lives are controlled by fate you know any moment and that iceberg crash into the ship that will sink and go to the bottom of the sea oh thanks